FFP2 and FFP3 respiratory protection masks minimize the risk of being infected by droplet infection. The integrated particle filter not only protects the wearer from dust, mist and smoke when breathing in and out, but also from viruses and bacteria. By wearing the mask, up to 99% of pathogens can be intercepted. However, a distinction must be made here between breathing masks WITH and WITHOUT exhalation valve. Only FFP2 or FFP3 masks WITHOUT an exhalation valve offer reliable protection for the wearer and the people in the surrounding area. However, they are rather impractical for everyday use and must be disposed of after a single use. 

A medical mouthguard is most often seen by doctors or medical staff. As this mask has no integrated filter, it does not protect the wearer from viruses or bacteria. They hold back the droplets that are expelled when speaking, sneezing or coughing and, conversely, they also protect the wearer from splashes or bodily fluids of the patients. Wearing such a mask can reduce the spread of germs, but it is not a sufficient protection against infection, because the mask is not tightly closed and breathing air can escape. A paper mouth and nose protector is a disposable item and should be disposed of after single use. 

A textile mouth/nose mask protects the wearer's face from contact with unclean hands. In addition, droplets that are emitted when speaking, sneezing or coughing can be intercepted. Mouth and nose masks can thus reduce the risk of infecting others. They are certainly not a 100% solution, but they are a good alternative. Washable at up to 95 °C (depending on the textile), the masks should be worn several times, without washing. In order for the masks to fulfil their purpose, they should be washed regularly at a minimum of 60 °C with heavy-duty detergent. You can find our mouth and nose masks here. According to RKI, these masks should not be disinfected. 


Medical masks and masks of protection class FFP2 and FFP3 are currently in short supply. It is therefore all the more important to observe the correct hygiene measures and to protect yourself with a mouth and nose mask if necessary. We should leave medical mouth protection as well as FFP2 or FFP3 masks to those who need them urgently. 

To counteract the temporary lack of mouth and nose protection, we therefore use free capacities of our textile partners for the temporary production of mouth and nose masks. However, since we have only limited quantities available, we can only act according to the motto "whoever orders first receives the goods first". 

Our respiratory protection team also repeatedly generates individual solutions from half and full masks with appropriate filters. Please feel free to contact us. 


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